July 2023 Release Update

July 4th

Bug Fixes

  • When users complete the SSO authentication flow, they will now be redirected to the correct URL within the app if the redirect parameter is available. 🦾
  • Validation has been added to the security settings login timeout. 👮

July 5th

New Features

  • Users are now able to abort AI modals when waiting for AI content to be generated. 🤖

Bug Fixes

  • The help menu will now show even when strict mode (Firefox) or other tracking blockers are enabled. 🦊

July 6th

New Features

  • Stabilization improvements have been made to the AI functions. 🔧
  • We have made improvements to language detection after recent model changes. 🗣️

July 17th


  • Performance update added to improve the speed of displaying, filtering and sorting all your ideas 🔧

July 20th

New Features

  • AI idea product vision analysis: We have replaced the 'Sort of' emoji with a better-supported emoji. 😃
  • We have removed the copy about basic HTML from the portal privacy notice text field. ❌
  • A typo on the AI Canvas Coaching has been fixed. 🖋️
  • We have updated the copy for the Roadmap initiative generator. 📄

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