April 2023 Release Update

April 4th

New and Improved

  • We have added a new button on the idea canvas and the quick-add idea slide out. The button uses the title field and AI to generate descriptions, problems to solve, value and target outcome fields. 🆒
  • We have added a new feature called ProdPad Automations. You can access the help article for this feature here - Automations Help Guide 🤖
  • We have updated the help documentation link for the Intercom and Automation set-up guides. 📚

April 13th

New and Improved

  • We have updated our sign-up flow to provide a better onboarding experience ✍️
  • Google SSO users will get a profile hint when redirected to Google 💁
  • The themes beta feature has been refreshed and is now Signals with updated UX and new UI options.
  • Generative AI descriptions now supports language detection for Français 🇫🇷, Deutsch 🇩🇪, Español 🇪🇸, Nederlands 🇳🇱 and Polski 🇵🇱


  • Beta features are no longer behind a toggle to give better visibility of the new things we are working on! As AskDotBot utilises OpenAI to process descriptions it is still an opt-in feature and hidden by the Beta toggle. 

April 18th

New and Improved

  • BETA features are now no longer hidden behind the BETA toggle and will be displayed on your account (with the exception of the AskDotBot feature). 🆕

Bug fixes

  • We have updated the Public API endpoint list so feedback attached to deleted contacts will no longer be returned. 🛑
  • When a user is removed from an account, they will also be removed as a product manager from any products they were previously managing. 🗑️

April 25th

Bug fixes

  • Text wrapping has now been added to key results for product objectives. 🔑
  • Links have now been added to the title and logo in the external link tooltip. 🔗
  • Candidate initiatives will no longer re-order when the roadmap column they originated from is reorganised. 🔀
  • We have added a fallback for emails to feedback dropbox where the added by will be the account admin when the sending user is not an active ProdPad user. 📮

April 27th

New and Improved

  • Unlink Design icon added 
  • The logos for Slack and Pivotal integrations are updated for the workflow view for a nice appearance 💅
  • Admins can now restrict access to Generative OpenAI features if required via Account Settings
  • You can now use generative AI to auto-generate user stories for your ideas.


  • Idea owner attribute now correctly displays in the attributes slide out.
  • Deleted replies in discussion threads are no longer shown in the discussion feed. This was preventing users from being able to clear the notification pip.
  • Companies are now hidden from import for Essential accounts.

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