November 2022 Release Update

New and Improved

  • When linking Feedback from ideas, the input is no longer cleared when the result is selected.
  • New pricing modules were created for Modular pricing V2, including "essential" and "advanced" levels.
  • A tooltip has been created to tell users that the Slack app will be added if they use Slack SSO to register their account.
  • The Slack app has been updated with a welcome message as well as authentication and permission updates.OAuth v2 and granular permissions.
  • A welcome message is now sent when a user first opens the ProdPad Slack app home tab.
  • Slash command has been created to add the bot to all public channels.  /prodpad invite bot to all public channels.<br>
  • Ideas will now have a confidence rating whilst being used in beta mode.
  • The word ‘card’ has been replaced with the word ‘initiative’ for triaging.
  • Padding has been added between input and button when linking feedback.
  • Selections will now be retained when paginating lists.
  • The Froala formatting bar position has been fixed and will no longer disappear when the ‘Update bar’ appears.

Bug fixes

  • The checkbox has been aligned correctly for the 'Favourite products' quick filter. 
  • Cancelled customers will no longer see a blank screen when they return to ProdPad.
  • Search results in idea and feedback lists now display correctly when using the search filter alongside pagination.
  • Removed the display of state map (I.e., unsorted/backlog/active) tabs when viewing the feedback list from an idea.
  • Attribute tags with emojis will now display correctly.
  • Publishing option in published roadmaps is inactive until changes are saved
  • Ideas without a title will now be displayed as 'Untitled idea' rather than '...'.
  • The workflow on workflow triage has been updated to read "Browsing your ideas in [workflow stage]"
  • The city field on the company profile page is no longer incorrectly greyed out.
  • Email notifications for @ mentions in comments were not sending when a new comment was created within an hour of the initial @ mention, This is now fixed.
  • The drag & drop landing area was persisting when uploading files, this is now fixed.
  • SAML account editors now have access to their API key. This fixes the integrations slideout for these users.
  • --
  • Fixed the duplicate tag creation issue regarding resource attributes dialogue or tag management page when a trailing white space is typed.
  • Enabled case-insensitive search of text typed in the fuzzy search input fields.
  • Disabled the keypress enter event for input fields in fuzzy search when an exact match is available in search results.
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