October 2022 Release Update

New and Improved

  • Ideas in Workflow view now act as links, which means you can now open Ideas in a new tab
  • When viewing the frequency chart you can now hover over and click on a period in the chart to see relevant data.
  • Roadmap empty state illustrations no longer appear on roadmaps for a less busy visual experience.
  • There are now editable description fields for roadmap columns, with a handy default description to get you started.
  • The 'Products and Roadmaps' tab can be opened in a new tab using your prefer browser/OS shortcut.
  • Tag management is now in a separate tab, head to settings in the app.
  • Improved visibility of Follow toggle options, they no longer hide behind an ellipsis...
  • You can now add target outcomes to your roadmap initiatives.
  • Roadmap initiative text fields are now consistent with other dialogues.
  • Improved performance for list pages with search/filters

Bug fixes

  • Discussion preview now working when there are four or more users involved 
  • Idea workflow statuses now correctly display in revision history.
  • Rich text fields with special characters no longer trigger an update when nothing has changed.
  • Saved views and view settings now display and save correctly.
  • Toggles for ideas and user stories in roadmap view settings now show/hide ideas and user stories as expected.
  • Beta toggle is now functional.
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