August 2022 Release Update

New and Improved 

  • New public API endpoints have been created for initiatives 💡
  • A Parameter has been added to some public API endpoints to support markdown formatting ℹ
  • We have removed the requirement to include the idea ID in the post body of status change API calls ☎️
  • Our integrations powered by Tray can now be named when creating them 📇
  • We have updated the message that gets sent when an idea fails to submit via the email dropbox 📥
  • The onboarding tasks have been updated and improved for trialists ✅

Fixes and Maintenance

  • A bug was causing Salesforce to show as a push option in the Push to Dev slider, but this has now been removed 📌
  • Unknown priority scores in idea exports now show “Unknown” instead of just an empty cell 📧
  • Fixed a bug where text from a previously sent message was persisting in reply box when returning to the idea. 🤨
  • We have fixed the link back to the roadmap initiative when triaging through linked ideas. 👉
  • Fixed Refresh bar and Email verification popup alignment issues ⌇
  • Cancel button is now disabled once an account is canceled to avoid confusion. 💔
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