July 2022 Release Update

New and Improved

  • We have improved the search configuration for global and filter search fields. 🔎
  • We have removed images and files from the global search results default when searching for a term. 🔦
  • We have added the ability to search specifically for files and designs within the global search, now that they have been removed from the default results. 📂
  • We have updated the way deleted users are displayed throughout the application by displaying the user name along with a "deleted" label, and a deleted user icon, so that you can identify removed users and their data. 🙌
  • Public API endpoints have been added to give users the ability to create attachments. 📎
  • We have updated our cancellation email copy. 😢

Fixes and Maintenance 

  • We have fixed the ability to search for an Idea ID. 💡
  • When adding an extra space in the search terms results were not consistent, so this has now been resolved. 🤓
  • Triage mode now works when an idea is opened from the workflow view. 👍
  • There were issues being caused where users were unable to see up-to-date data after being inactive on ProdPad for a period of time, so now there will be an automatic bespoke refresh to reflect the latest account state when a user is more than 1000 events behind. 🔁
  • There was an issue where if a user already had a ProdPad logout window open in one tab, they would be forced to logout of another tab they were working from, but this has now been resolved! ⌛️
  • Provided a fix to stop displaying loading squircles when the ProdPad icon is clicked within a logged-in user session. 🟣
  • There was an issue with the filter options selection toggle in Ideas, Feedback and other pages, which has now been resolved. 🔔
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