May 2022 Release Update

New and Improved

  • A few little UI improvements have been made to the Chrome Extention 🎨
  • We now have a Salesforce integration available in Beta Mode, which will allow you to sync feedback straight from Salesforce to ProdPad. Read more about it here.

Fixes and Maintenance

  • Updated AzureDevops to fetch over 100 projects when creating and editing an integration, as the cut-off was previously 100. ❌
  • The “subscribe” notifier for trial accounts had been removed, but we have now resolved this. 💻
  • We have now updated the number of projects fetched for the AzureDevops Integration to 500, as this was previously capped at 100. 👆
  • The live chat launcher was blocking the Discussion slide-outs 'send' button, so we have now removed it. 💬
  • We have now fixed the drag and drop, and reordering of cards in Portfolio and Product line views. 📍
  • We have fixed lazy loading issues within roadmap columns, which were occurring due to different screen sizes. 📏
  • You can now freely move cards from the roadmap to the completed and candidate columns. 🔁
  • We have updated the import menu options to be clearer when importing feedback through the app. 🗣
  • We have updated the copy within the subscriptions page to reduce confusion. 🤔
  • We have updated the copy when publishing a roadmap to say 'initiatives' instead of 'card'. 💡

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