April 2022 Release Update

New and Improved

  • We have now updated our cancellation process so you can cancel directly in-app, without needing to speak to our lovely support team. 💔
  • Comment endpoints have now been added to the public API, allowing users to create and read comments and replies within ProdPad. 🗣

Fixes and Maintenance 

  • There was a bug that was stopping the drop zone from triggering when dragging ideas along the workflow, but this has now been fixed 🪄
  • General marketing site maintenance. 🛠 
  • Products with special characters included in their names were affecting the candidates and completed sections, but this has now been resolved. 💫
  • Some little bug fixes within the onboarding flow. ⏳
  • We have fixed the height of the sections within the completed roadmap so that they adjust depending on the number of cards. ✅
  • There were a couple of bugs relating to the Completed and Candidate sections layout and formatting, but these have now been resolved. 💅
  •  The email dropbox now supports having the action (either ideas or feedback) within the cc and bcc address fields. 📧
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