January 2022 Release Update

New and Improved 

  • Dual horizontal scrollbars have now been added to the workflow view. 👍
  • A new feature helper has been added to the 'Push to Dev' button for new users to give some further insight on when an Idea or User Story should be pushed. 👀
  • We have updated Ideas PUT endpoints to allow updates on products, personas, tags, and external links. 🪄
  • We have added better validation of API endpoint values. 💡
  • An API endpoint has been added, allowing users to link ProdPad objects to 3rd party objects. 🎁
  • We have added API endpoints to allow you to create, update and get user stories. 🤟

Fixes and Maintenence

  • A fix has been made to improve the skeleton lists, which are sometimes hanging on load. 😵
  • There has been a fix to avoid lists overflowing when a tooltip exceeds the width of its parent cell. 👫
  • Harden the functionality around avoiding updating initiative lists when users are dragging and dropping. 💪
  • There was some odd behavior around the favorites filter and how it was showing in the UI, but this has now been fixed. 🛠
  • The fuzzy search behavior has been improved for 2 letter words. ⚙️
  • Opening designs from search now functions correctly. 🧩
  • When highlighting the string in a quick add search, the field then disabled and cleared the value - this has now been resolved! 💥
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