December 2021 Release Update

New and Improved

  • We have now updated the Integration UI! This means that when you now go to create an integration, each available tool is organized into categories and things are a little neater. 🤓

Fixes and Maintenance 

  • There was an issue where feedback lists were not loading intermittently for certain users, but this has now been fixed. 🥳
  • Search results were not showing correctly in the global search function, but this has now been resolved. 💪
  • Fix to owners dropdown incorrectly attempting to create owners. 👎
  • We have now ensured that Google and Slack SSO signups will experience the new onboarding flow. ✅
  • We have made sure that the American spelling of “favorites” is used throughout the app. 🇺🇸
  • We have now increased the contrast of the “X” (close) button on image preview popups, as it was a little difficult to spot. 🔎
  •  The blue squircle on the “loading” screen now displays as expected, instead of its alt text.
  • When clicking on a contact from the fuzzy search, the user now lands on the “about” tab by default. Previously no tab was selected, and the user was presented with a blank view..not very helpful. 😒
  • The roadmap column order in the “initiative” dialog is now correct, showing: Candidate > Later > Next > Now > Completed. 💯
  • The help tooltips now appear as expected, as they were previously being hidden by the toolbar. 🙈
  • We have hardened the list logic to ensure results always load correctly. 👷
  • Attribute searches were not quite showing the results as expected, but this has now been resolved. 💡
  • The 'Show Archived Results' toggle had disappeared from the global search..but now it's back! 🪄
  • Dropdown lists are now sorted alphabetically, rather than in the order they were added. 🔤
  • There was a bug where Essential customers could not authenticate the Chrome Extension, but this has now been fixed! 💭
  • The alignment of certain elements such as tags, products, etc has been fixed and tidied throughout the app. ⚙️
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