October 2021 Release Update

Features and Improvements 

  • Improvements added to the dropdown UI to now include fuzzy search 🔎
  • Customers paying by invoice now have clearer instructions for adding users and add-ons
  • Within the workflow section, the new Ideas column now reflects the total number of ideas, rather than just the loaded content. ✅
  • There have been performance improvements to both the workflow and list views, to make things run a little smoother. 😏
  • Feedback Dropbox is finally here! 🤩 Each ProdPad account is given its own email address to send feedback directly into the app, much like the existing Idea dropbox. You can find more information on this within your account settings! 
  • You now have the ability to re-order User Stories! 🥳This will allow you to prioritize and organize your stories so it makes a little more sense when browsing through. 
  • When using the ProdPad API to get companies, `company_size` can now be used to filter by company size, whilst `size` can be used to control how many results are returned. 💻


  • Search results no longer return deleted resources
  • Optimisations for data handling to improve user experience when new data is added
  • The objectives filter in the ideas list was not working correctly, but it is now filtering as expected. 🙏
  • When signing up, you were able to leave the company name blank, but we have now made changes to prevent this. 👍
  • When triaging through ideas, and going to the linked ideas, it no longer breaks the original triage. 💪
  • Text formatting is fixed for when selecting a global favorite product. 🤟
  • There was a bug with the subscription flow when trying to purchase and make changes to your plan, but this has now been fixed. 🛠
  • There was a sneaky typo in the workflow modal which has now been amended. 🤫
  • When adding an admin/editor, they were being titled as 'legacy add-ons' in the payment summary screen by mistake - this has now been removed. 💰
  • When going through the onboarding flow, we will now ensure that the product/idea/initiative content persists throughout each screen. 👉 
  • We are now blocking 'sign up with Google' if the given domain already exists as a claimed or verified domain. 🚫
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