Measuring product success

With best practice focusing on outcomes, it's essential for product teams to measure success. In ProdPad we tie this across all areas of the product management process to best support teams to build, measure and learn. 


Across your Portfolio of Products, there are Objectives and Key Results where you can track your overarching objectives for your business and individual products. And with the Key Results functionality, specify the metrics you are measuring for success and the contributing initiatives that will help you achieve these objectives.

These should be reviewed and updated as part of your regular OKR process - we do ours monthly!

Roadmap Initiatives

Once a Roadmap initiative is completed, you can note the outcomes in a dedicated field. This should be completed as part of your regular roadmapping processes and can be rolled up from the outcomes of an initiative's ideas.


Within Ideas, there is a section for you to set out the Target Outcomes that you set out to achieve through delivering the idea. Following completion, in line with your ideas workflow process, you can then note the Actual Outcome and document any insights that can be learned from.

How they connect together

Even though these are all documented in their own sections, they should be aligned and contribute to one another in some way. For example,

  • Objective = Increase subscribers
  • Key Result = increase conversion by 10%
  • Completed Roadmap Initiative = outcome documented is increased conversion by 5%, which gets you some of the way there (there might be other initiatives also contributing to this OKR)
  • Related ideas on the above initiative may all have outcomes that will help e.g. increase no. of clicks on trial CTA, increase completion of onboarding tasks etc

So although all outcomes are separate they are all helping contribute to the bigger objective and help with team alignment and achieving product success.

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