Can I add custom fields?

What ProdPad can do:

As is, ProdPad's idea-collection form doesn't allow for custom fields to be added. We have a selection of carefully picked questions (What problem are you trying to solve, and what would be the value if you did solve it), as well as the description and title, and of course some metadata. By design, only the title or description are required to submit an idea, while the rest can be filled out later.

What can be done:

You can create custom forms using tools like Google Forms or Typeform, to create idea intake forms that ask more questions. These can then use Zapier to connect these forms so that the inputs create new ideas. The custom fields would populate into existing fields like the Description or the Notes field, depending on how you configured this. You could also use our API to build a completely custom form from scratch that does something similar.

What we recommend:

We kept the fields in ProdPad intentionally simple, based on our research into the best practices of thousands of product teams. The reality is, the more fields you add, the less likely someone is to actually bother submitting an idea in the first place. While the ideas you get might look to be more defined when they land, you'll actually end up with fewer ideas to work with.. an innovation drain. We recommend keeping the questions asked up front simple, and detailing out the idea later as needed.

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