August 2021 Release Update


  • We have added sections for Target and Actual outcomes to the idea canvas. This will help users in being able to measure success after an idea is released and implemented. 📋
  • A new onboarding flow has been added for all new Sign ups and users joining an existing account via email invite - this new flow will help familiarise users with core ProdPad concepts and improve adoption. ✅
  • A navy shade has been added to every grey color throughout the app to help with visibility. 🔍
  • Invitation reminder emails will now be triggered if an invite is not accepted within 48 hours. 🤝
  • We have made some updates to the API which include -
    • API GET /users now returns the user image. 🎇
    • API GET /ideas now returns the idea engagement and popularity. 〽️
    • API POST /feedbacks now includes company_id as a parameter, so that if you are creating a new contact you can associate them to an existing company. 👋


  • When a published roadmap was disabled, and a user went to the URL, they would be presented with a blank screen. This has now been replaced with an error message to make it clearer for users. 🤓
  • The “Subscribe” indicator arrow for trialists was being blocked, but this now displays correctly. 🛠
  • When in the Idea Canvas, the Feedback tab filters (Backlog/Archived) were not working as expected, but this has now been resolved! 🥳
  • Previously the Idea canvas content navigation was not displaying correctly when lots of tabs were present, but this has now been fixed. 😇
  • Reviewers can now upload multiple files to an idea they have added, as this function was not working as expected. 📂
  • Deleted/unavailable published roadmaps now show an error message for the user, rather than just a blank page with. ⛔️


  • The Theme Discovery feature for Feedback in Beta Mode has been upgraded to use a more powerful algorithm, and will now show more useful and accurate results. 🧮
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