July 2021 Release Update


  • When clicking into an Idea from Workflow, we've fixed it so triage mode is working again 🩺
  • When selecting the 'None' filter for Roadmap Initiatives, it was also auto selecting the Products 'none' filter option too - this has now been fixed! 🛠
  • Essential plans were able to see company profiles, even though the plan should not show this feature - this has now been resolved! ✅
  • When applying certain filters they were not highlighted in the 'Filters Applied' section, but they will all be showing as expected now! 😅
  • We have adjusted the 'Applied Filters' dropdown to now show in alphabetical order, and made sure the labels match correctly with the filters list. 🤓
  • When looking at the Roadmap Initiatives, New User Story was showing as New Idea on the face of the card, but this has now been fixed! 🥳
  • Some general bug fixing of the Feedback Canvas view. 😇
  • User stories that are pushed to Pivotal Tracker are now linked to their epic, as they weren't before. 🤫


  • Renamed the ‘Discovery’ tab to ‘Themes’ in Beta mode. 🧪
  • Renamed the ‘Workflow’ tab in account settings to ‘Configuration’. ⚙️
  • Minor copy update to Account Settings to explain that currently only Ideas can be sent via email - feedback will be coming soon though! 😉
  • Minor copy update to Idea canvas - “Requirements” has changed to “Overview” and “Add a new section” has now changed to “Add Requirements”. 🔁
  • Minor copy update for in-app Azure Devops integration. 🔗
  • All dialogs now have a slight navy shade to help with visibility.  👀


  • We've added the ability to filter by Roadmap Column for Ideas, Portfolio & Product Line Roadmap.🚰
  • We have now included sample Idea and Feedback import templates to the import dropdown. 📊
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