21-06-16 Release Update

New and Improved

  • When selecting 'Forgot Password' your email would not be carried over and prefilled in the password reset submission, but this has now been amended to make the flow easier. 🌊
  • Any new add-ons that you've added to your account, such as Key Results or Product Managers, will now show in the 'Added' section within your Apps menu. ✅
  • Some general changes and maintenance to improve the stability of ProdPad. 🛠


  • There was a bug affecting feedback that had been added via the UserVoice integration to be numbered incorrectly in the URL. This has now been resolved! 🎤
  • The Objective slide out was previously showing the Key Results empty state, rather than notifying users that they are able to purchase this as an addon, but this has now been fixed. ➕

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