21-05-12 Release Update


  • Product thumbnail images were not sitting correctly in their box, but this has now been fixed. 🟦
  • The Yearly Savings notifier text now only shows when a yearly plan is selected, as it was previously showing for all selections. 💰
  • The Email Dropbox section within Account Settings was showing that you could use it for feedback as well as ideas, when in fact this functionality is not yet available - this has now been removed. ⛔️
  • When switching accounts the hand cursor would show, so we have removed this to avoid any confusion that things can be clicked. 😉
  • The empty states for Completed and Candidate cards were taking up a lot of space, so this has now been amended. 🌚
  • The Select  All on feedback within an idea no longer selects all feedback in an account, and just selects those related to the particular idea as expected. ✅


  • The Sign Up page has now been updated to match the aesthetic of the other landing and loading pages. 🟣


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