21-03-24 Release Update


  • You’ll notice that various aspects of the app have had a little makeover, including heading fonts, and updates to the colors within text and buttons. This was to ensure the website and app were consistent, but also to improve on visibility. 🥸
  • When deleting an Idea in triage mode, you were then taken out of triage mode and into the list view. This has now been updated so you continue on to the next item in the list. 📝
  • When a search resulted in no data, a ‘Search Again’ button was presented which took you to another search slide out. We have removed this as it was a little unnecessary, and you can just go back to the search field yourself to try again. 🔍
  • When an account had a Tag, Product, or Persona that has 0 characters in the title, the Slack integration would error and not allow you to create an Idea or Feedback via the bot. This has now been updated. ✅


  • You were unable to select ‘None’ in the Feedback Source filter, but this has now been fixed. ⛔️
  • Triaging Ideas on the Workflow view was not working as expected, but now it is. 🎉


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