Submitting Tickets via Slack Community

If you are a member of our Slack Community, you can submit tickets to the team directly using our ProdPad Help app.

The App has two functions, a Slack command and a message action. 

Using the Slack Command

In the message box, type in /support + text where text is your specific request. As you type you will see the ProdPad Help available:

Message box screen

For example, you might type:

Example of typing a message

If submitted successfully to our help desk, you will receive a confirmation via Slack

Example of a message reply

Someone from the ProdPad team will be in touch with you via email to follow up.

Using message actions

If you typed something that seems like a bug and want to retroactively submit it to the ProdPad team, you can use message actions to submit your request. Someone from the team may do this for you as well.

Simply click on the ellipsis menu next to your message and select ProdPad Help from the options

Select ProdPad Help from the options menu 

A confirmation message will be sent to the person who completes this action (if not you, the confirmation will be sent to the ProdPad team, so don't worry!)

If you are an active ProdPad user and would like to join our Slack Community, let us know! We'll send you an invite in no time.

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