20-12-02 Release Update


  • New "success" and "failed" workflow stages added to trial accounts to make it easier to show idea outcomes.
  • Top Tip

    Did you know you can combine workflow stages with emoji to show off success measurements?

    Here's an example:

    • 🚀 Tracking and measuring success
    • 🎉 Key results met, successful outcome
    • 👎 Outcome did not measure as expected
    • ❓ Requires more information
  • Feedback submission via Slack no longer requires an email. Please be advised that an email or other unique identifier in the email field is still recommended to avoid duplicates.
  • Our ToS were updated last week. As such we are now notifying all users of the changes via the app, keep your eyes open for the dark blue banner 👀 If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly.
  • The GDPR tab has now been renamed to "Compliance and Privacy."

    Screen showing update to GDPT tab


  • Help icon no longer overlapping on slideout submission buttons.
  • "Search all results" on Sandbox has been disabled as it requires running an API call, and Sandbox is currently based off our offline mode version. 
  • When triaging roadmap initiatives, clicking on the triage route takes you back to specific roadmap initiative you came from.
  • Triaging ideas on a roadmap initiative order is no longer reversed. 

Release v6.102

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