20-11-11 Release Update

New and Improved

  • New and improved empty states for trialists, with added information as to how to use ProdPad for success.
  • Slack App and Slack SSO are now two separate integrations. This allows teams to use either as needed! If you haven't added Slack SSO yet, check out the details here.
  • Added support for SCIM/SAML username.
  • Security set up page is now displays all active/enabled SSO to all admins in an account. This adds improved transparency and communication across teams 🎉


  • Jira integration was not saving mapping for user stories.
  • SCIM now successfully creates role when last name is null.
  • Slack quick add modal now works for tags/products/personas with more than 76 characters.
  • Mark "All As Read" now working expectedly for Discussions, instead of leaving a rogue unread message that did not exist.
  • Product image uploads now displaying accordingly and no longer showing blank.
  • Select All now only selecting correct ideas in ‘linked ideas’ view, instead of all ideas in account 🙈

Release v6.98

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