20-10-14 Release Update


  • Lists no longer lag when updating content inline, meaning you can get back to editing in speedy record time! ⚡️


  • When selecting a product from an idea, the full product list displays as expected.


  • We had a little hiccup displaying the correct SSO available on Essential plans - this has now been corrected, and both Google and Slack display accordingly. 
  • Fuzzy search now loads every time without delay.


  • First click on “Product Portfolio” in new products navigation now registers the click correctly, taking you exactly to where you want to be.
  • When switching between accounts, feedback count is no longer persisting from last account. Oh this sounds like a bad oopsie. 🙈
  • When uploading a design or file, if you triage before you finish uploading the file/design is no longer attached to the wrong resource.
  • JIRA integration now handles situation when there are excessive number of select options for JIRA fields.
  • JIRA integration now handles issuetypes not being returned when fetching project with certain JIRA self-hosted server versions.

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