20-09-30 Release Update

New and Improved

  • Contact and Company list views have been updated to the new standard customizable view. This brings lots of benefits including:

    • Sorting contacts by number of feedback linked, as well as job roles, personas and tags
    • Sorting companies by the number of feedback submitted by contact

Get a quick overview of the benefits for cross-functional teams in our latest release video!

  • Personas can now be sorted in list views by number of personas attached.


  • Upgraded our text editor (Froala) to a new major version and optimised its performance throughout the app for a more reliable editing experience. 🚀


  • There is no longer a huge pagination gap in contact and companies lists.
  • We now strip out HTML in replies to discussions sent via email to avoid any clutter.
  • [SAML] Setting requested authentication context to 'false' for Azure AD.

Release v6.92

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