20-09-23 Release Update

New and Improved 

  • There is now a 'Include archived content in results' toggle in the global search, so you can have more control when searching through your data.🕵️‍♀️


  • In the ideas list, the filters section used a mix of capital case and sentence case; we've now tidied this up. 🔍
  • We've updated the email copy when resetting your passwords, and made the instructions clearer to avoid getting caught in any loops.


  • Emojis for product titles will now show correctly in the preview, instead of showing ❓. 
  • Clicking on a file in the global search no longer takes you to the account settings page, and will now navigate to the chosen file as expected. 👍
  • When filling in your billing details it wasn't clear that the country field was required, so we've now updated the copy. 

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