20-09-16 Release Update

New and Improved

  • New workflow states provided for trial accounts. This enables new users to get a sense of what a possible workflow looks like and provides a more clear view of how ProdPad is here to help.

    👀 If you're looking to refine your workflows, here's what the new default options look like:

    • Reviewing
    • Discovery
    • Defining 
    • Design 
    • Ready for Dev
    • In Progress
    • QA 
    • Done
    • Measuring Success 
    • Not Doing 
    • Duplicate 

  • Improvements to the Slack App to make it a bit more user friendly. This includes:

    • Updated help message when using /prodpad search to "Please use /prodpad search + a search term in order to trigger a search." This ensures we are providing the correct guidance and you can get onto searching items quickly!

    • Ideas or feedback with images that don't have a title or alt text in the app were not being pushed to Slack. We now display the notification with [No Title] so it posts correctly.

  • Clicking outside revision history with overlaid dialogs only closes the first dialog displayed. This ensures you don't lose focus while using revision history and can get back on track!


  • Casing is no longer an issue when creating new users in SCIM search endpoint. 

Release v6.90

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