20-08-18 Release Update

New and improved

  • New add-ons available! From today you can sign up to our waiting list for key results, authentication and product managers. Here's what each option brings you:

    • Key Results: Adding key results to your ProdPad plan will allow your team to embed OKRs as part of your product process, allowing you to track key result changes against your roadmap initiatives. The Key Results App will be available very soon for $49 per month, billed annually.
    • Authentication: Your team will benefit from advanced user access via your identity provider of choice. The Advanced Authentication App will be available soon for $149 per month, billed annually. Join the waitlist to get early access.
    • Product Managers:  Adding product manager roles to your ProdPad plan will allow you to grant access to the right product and the right people. Designed for growing product teams, the Product Manager Roles App will be available soon for $99 per month, billed annually. Join the waitlist to get early access.


    Want in?

    To join the waitlist, simply click on the 'Apps' icon on the navigation or contact us directly.
  • 🎉 Our Slack App is on Product Hunt! If you haven't yet added this as part of your product tool stack, check out what others are saying. 
  • Slack now available as a feedback channel.
  • When publishing a persona, it's more clear that the output available is in PDF format.
  • Discussion alerts persist until clicked, making it easier to keep on top of unread conversations
  • The power of keyboards! Pressing escape button on slide-out will now close the active slide-out.


  • Reviewers are now able to edit the feedback channel of feedback they submitted.
  • No longer able to move a roadmap card to another product before it has been created.
  • Portfolio objective icons now show on roadmap card objective input, so it's a bit more clear whether you're adding a portfolio or product-specific objective.

  • Active navigation links no longer disable unnecessarily, making overall access and navigation easier.

Release v6.84

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