20-08-13 Release Update

New and Improved

  • We have new and improved search capabilities! From today, all search items will show the resource type related to the terms that match what you're searching for.

    This makes search more valuable, saving you loads of time. In addition, we also show the state of certain items, like highlighting if the search term matches a completed initiative or an archived idea. Check out our walkthrough below! 

  • Completing a card via the input selector displays a success message.


  • Added date/time stamp for your own comments in discussion slideout


  • Revision history now working as expected for Safari users.
  • When creating a new roadmap card, any objectives and tags added were not saving correctly.
  • Discussion/activity links not working when on a roadmap, but seemed to work every else. This is now fixed!
  • Product icon now updating when switching products.


Release v6.83

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