20-07-21 Release Update


  • New filter alert! "Preset filters" have been renamed to "Quick filters." These new set of filters enable users to keep a close eye on ideas owned, followed, and added by them - as well as the classic filters to assist with triaging and idea nurturing.


    Here's how to make use of these filters:

    • Owned by you: Keep track of all ideas you own and make sure they don't slip through the cracks!
    • Added by you: Don't you just hate it when you know you added an idea, but can't remember what it was called? Worry no more, use this filter to quickly identify all ideas added by you.
    • Followed by you: Keep on top of ideas you follow with this filter and make sure you keep up to date with how things are moving forward.
    • Quick wins: These are your high impact, low effort ideas that will move your product forward. Focus on these first and get them on the roadmap
    • Need more detail: Ideas start as tiny one-liners but they don't have to start that way. This filter helps flag up when ideas need more detail, so jump in and add tags, a business case, or other details to help lift them up and make them valuable candidates for the roadmap
    • Not updated recently: Don't let your ideas get left behind. Use this filter to find and spruce up old ideas so you don't end up with a black hold backlog.


  • Reviewers can no longer see the roadmap publishing icon in a product ellipsis menu.
  • Resource counts on roadmaps are now formatted correctly (add a space in copy between cards > ideas)
  • Product portfolio layout no longer broken on IE 11.


Release v6.76

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