20-07-16 Release Update


  • When a file or link opens a new tab, the access button now shows as 'open' and not 'download.'

  • When filtering objectives on roadmaps, as well as products on ideas and feedback, the option to filter by no item attached is now available. This should help make triaging a bit easier! 
  • Hitting CMD/CTRL + P to print canvases now displays canvas in proper layout, so you can print and show off your canvases like magic. 🥳


  • Ability to switch accounts has been disabled when on offline mode.
  • Reviewers can now longer click the "edit" button on titles in the ideas list, giving the impression they could modify list items.
  • Product managers are now visible when printing product canvases.

  • List formatting is now retained when submitting an idea or feedback through Slack.

Release FE vRelease 6.75 BE Release v3.144

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