20-06-16 Release Update

New and Improved

  • Customer Feedback Portal now displays ideas with rich text formatting, so you can glam up that idea to your heart's content.

  • Objective description increased to 8192 characters.


  • New Slack improvements available! 🎉
    • Submit ideas and feedback on a per product basis.
      You can now submit ideas and feedback on per product basis by mapping a product to a channel. This means all ideas or feedback submitted from a channel will be automatically linked to a product. To map this, type /prodpad map #channel to confirm the mapping. To undo changes at any time, type /prodpad map delete #channel.

    • New admin and help responses to /prodpad commands. These new commands include:

      /prodpad settings dm_mentions [on/off] allows admin to decide whether mentions will be sent as DM's.

      /prodpad settings meta-data [on/off] will allow the admin to decide whether meta data is displayed when an idea or feedback is submitted.

      /prodpad map #channel will allow the admin to decide of the channel is mapped to a specific product in ProdPad. 

    • Search command has been updated to /prodpad search 

  • Products now display product initials instead of icon when no image added.




  • Pagination restored on  search results, no longer showing 'no items found' when you get past page 1.
  • Product icon size updated to 32x32.
  • When a user is removed, the UI now updates instantly to reflect the change.
  • Fix unable to edit/delete SAML SSO auth type.
  • When portfolio objective names are truncated, the objective icon no longer hides behind the truncated text. 


  • Feedback channel dropdown no longer shows "?" - it is now known as "unknown."


  • Slack no longer appears under the Push to Development slide out.

    Release  FE v6.66, BE v3.138
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