20-06-11 Release Update


  • We have a new design for the candidate and completed columns! 🎉This new update includes a new grid layout so you can make better use of the space, and includes an average timeframe when viewing completed cards.

  • When an idea or feedback is posted to Slack, any images in their descriptions will be posted as attachments.
  • When linking an InVision or Marvel design to an idea only URLs with the following domains are now supported: invis.io; invisionapp.com; marvelapp.com.
  • Hovering over the date on comments, a pop up will show with the absolute date. 




  •  When moving ideas from a roadmap card the roadmap dialog no longer closes sporadically. 
  • Charset has been set to UTF-8 in the Content-Type header for the public API.

Release FE v6.65, BE Release 3.137

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