20-06-04 Release Update


  • As of today, published roadmaps can now be password protected! Whether you're sharing a URL or embedding on your own website, you can add further security by requesting a password to view.

  • Email copy for password resets has been adjusted to instruct users through dealing with safelinks.


  • Pesky little console error fixed when triaging, which was causing a lag in the system.
  • Intercom help button no longer overlaps content when user is scrolled to the bottom of pages.
  • When hovering over a Google drive link, button now says "View" rather than "Download."


  • "Like" color gradient is now the right color. I don't know what the wrong color was, but I'm sure that was a funny little bug.
  • User story now moves between ideas properly.
  • Users without permission to add a roadmap card when editing idea attributes are no longer perceivably able to do so. 

Release v6.63

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