20-03-26 Release Update


  • You can now update your product icons directly from the roadmap view by clicking on the thumbnail. Super quick!

  • Feedback can now be sorted by contacts and companies (in alphabetical order.) 

  • Never miss a beat! Date created and date updated on ideas and feedback lists now show exact dates and times instead of general time frames. 



  • OKR PDF report displays key result tracking icon. Let's pretend we didn't miss that on Tuesday's release.
  • Quick access to contacts and companies directly from the ideas list. Shazam.
  • When you update your company name in Account Settings, it will display the update on the account switcher dropdown. Now that just seems like a silly bug.
  • Better display of OKRs on mobile. 💅
  • Feedback CSV import now requires contact name and feedback, as it should do, because you can't have feedback linked to ghosts.
  • Because little fixes should be celebrated too, the export button on the feedback list now matches the export button on the ideas list.
  • There was a lag when saving, it is there no more.
  • When navigating from idea triaging back to a roadmap card, roadmaps no longer show as empty. That was a fun one!
  • Slack API has been updated to allow for longer identifiers, making sure new members can submit ideas and feedback successfully.


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