20-03-24 Release Update


From today, you can now publish product-level objectives and key results!



Loads of goodies for you guys! Here we go 👀

  • Triage mode no longer breaks when on search mode.
  • Objectives no longer save consistently on every key stroke. Sorry for being overly helpful!
  • More useful visibility of portfolio objectives for Essential plans.
  • 'Select all' on ideas roadmap card no longer requires two clicks.
  • Roadmap cards that were persisted now reset when changing your view setting, as they should.
  • To make notifications a bit more digestible, marking items as read/unread have been removed from revision history.
  • Updated copy of tip 12 to reflect American English, not the Queen's.
  • Deleting a comment from a design now deletes the whole comment. I'm not sure what it was partially deleting before, but this sounds like good news all in all.
  • Feedback icon no longer loses its navigation highlight as you go through feedback section. 
  • Fixed sorting by date on lists.
  • Product input now aligned correctly when bulk importing ideas via CSV.
  • A little adjustment was done so Salesforce is able to recognize embeddable roadmaps and portals!
  • Personas empty state now has a nice animation, go check it out! (Please do not delete any existing personas just to see our artwork.)
  • When scrolling the roadmap card list in ideas attributes, we no longer show a weird "nested scroll" for large products within the products list. That's a whole lot of lists and scrolling!
  • When triaging ideas in the story tab, we display empty states accordingly and no longer show rogue stories.
  • Roadmap card attribute slideout no longer closes at random when closing revision history slideout overlay.
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