20-03-17 Release Update


  • You will now see a complete list of all product managers assigned to a product when clicking '+n' Product Managers.
  • Long objectives now wrap nicely on published roadmaps.


  • The padding under the Product 'tag' in the attributes panel on feedback is now the correct size.
  • When filters are applied so that the 'filters applied' label is displayed on published roadmaps there is now spacing between the label and the saved views button. 
  • When clicking reply on a comment, the reply input is now auto-focused.
  • Bulk ‘select all’ option for resources found in searches now correctly selects all resources returned by the search.
  • All User Stories now correctly show up on user story tab in Ideas canvas.
  • Text fields should now properly focus and place cursor appropriately in chrome.
  • Uploading product images only shows files types that can be actually be uploaded.
  • New roadmap card dialog no longer shows the '...' options
Release 6.41
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