19-02-18 Release Update


  • The words “Product” “Portfolio” and “Product Line” have been removed from navigation tabs in the respective canvases. In context, we were being a bit overly helpful.


  • Advanced accounts now see key results placeholder. If you'd like to trial a Performance plan, let us know!



  • Text now wraps properly on tables in new functional specs/notes area in Key Results. 
  • Correct success message now showing when creating and updating objectives.
  • Word wrapping fixed for key results on objective cards.
  • Fix to console error for type check of productId when viewing key results dialog.
  • Assigned product managers can now see the button to create new portals for their respective products.
  • Blue row highlight displaying on the correct side of the list tables.
  • Feedback bulk ‘Select all items’ now only selects the items in the tab being viewed instead of all matching feedback regardless of state. Oopsie.


Release 6.35

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