20-01-03 Release Update


  • The Customer Feedback List view has been overhauled! You can now interact with it in a lot of very useful ways, including adding and removing columns, and sorting just like you would a spreadsheet.
  • The Product Portfolio section has had a facelift! You can now add images to represent each of your products so you can easily identify them throughout the app.

Bug fixes

  • Ideas in roadmap cards no longer refresh unnecessarily when ideas are reordered.
  • Fixed a typo in the alert you got when adding feedback via the Quick Add slide-out.
  • Got rid of a script error that was seen when creating a new idea via the text highlighting method.
  • When deleting external URLs, their original title now appears in the audit log.
  • Text fields now no longer flicker when their value is updated.

Release 6.24

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