19-11-12 Release Update


  • DotBot now helps you discover related ideas when viewing a piece of customer feedback!
  • Copy update to alert when adding an additional email address to an account. We now tell you that you need to wait for a confirmation email to confirm your new confirmed address. It's a whole confirmation thing.
  • Minor copy amend on Feedback discussion email notifications.
  • Some lists now use skeleton screens to keep the loading experience smooth. No skeletons were harmed in the making.


  • When offline mode is triggered, navigation icons won't ghost you. 👻
  • Audit log now correctly renders saved filter names.
  • List Settings triage buttons now no longer overlap on smaller screens. MOVE RIGHT! MOVE LEFT! 
  • When marking an idea as unrelated, it no longer appears as ‘added’ in revision history. Soz.

Release v6.11

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